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Katalyst delivers a comprehensive suite of Smart & Proactive IT security services for on-premises and Cloud infrastructure

Cyber-attacks are a very real danger to every business irrespective of their size, location or industry specialization.

Cyber-attacks are a very real danger to every business irrespective of their size, location or industry specialization. Reality is that any business could be vulnerable to attack from hackers or malicious software if your IT security practices are not up to date or standard.

At Katalyst, we deliver comprehensive security solutions whilst maintaining cost effectiveness and simplicity of management to achieve your laid-out business outcomes.

  • Comprehensive IT security lifecycle services
  • Technology-driven, scalable and highly automated

Security Practice

Services offering

Consulting, Strategy,
Risk & Compliance

Our risk management and compliance consultants help organizations like yours:

We help you align and integrate key risk and performance indicators to business objectives so that risks can be managed in an agile manner. Foster cultures that factor in risk during all phases of product development. Develop proactive risk management and compliance solutions built on technology and data analytics

Technical Security

A security risk assessment identifies, assesses, and implements key security controls in applications.

Carrying out a risk assessment allows an organization to view the application portfolio holistically—from an attacker’s perspective. It supports managers in making informed resource allocation, tooling, and security control implementation decisions.

Security Services

We offer IT security-as-a-service with Managed Security Services (MSS) that helps minimize risks, protect critical information and effectively reduce the cost and complexity of your security infrastructure.

With an end-to-end suite of fully managed IT security services, customers get a wide range of solutions that help improve their security posture.

Awareness & Training

Training employees to recognize and respond to security threats requires much more than a technology solution. It requires a program that actually changes human behaviours across the organization.

KCS academy delivers the framework, roadmap and skills needed to develop, maintain and measure a security-driven business culture. Through hands-on instruction, interactive labs and exercises.

Collaborating with industry leaders, our team of security experts offer a premier-grade, end-to-end service solutions but not limited to

  • Identity & Access management (IAM)
  • Data Leakage Prevention / Management (DLP/DLM)
  • Endpoint Security (AV, HIPS, HIDS, HFW)
  • Network & Perimeter Security
    (FW, NIDS, NIPS, UTM, etc)
  • Email Security (spam filtering, phishing)
  • Cloud Protection / Compliance (WAF, CASB, DDoS protection, etc)
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Data Backup (on-prem, Cloud, etc)

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