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We help you rationalize the invisible cost


We help you rationalize the invisible cost

Modern businesses are driven by technology, digital presence, real-time collaboration and automation. Without these essentials your business is handicapped and not able to accomplish its true potential. Katalyst managed services are designed to help you run your business more efficiently, proactively while rationalising the cost of operations. Iceberg of true technology cost, lies in adoption and exploitation of technology for business profits.

Katalyst managed services portfolio consist of following services.

  • Infrastructure
  • Voice & Unified Communication
  • Licensing
  • Procurement
  • Digital


Our Infrastructure services manages your IT environment and IT echo systems, encompassing, servers, workstations, applications, databases, websites, networks and mobile devices. Everything put together can get technically challenging for business to manage on their own, Under or inefficient utilisations of your IT assets impacts your business adversely and imposes a significant cost.

Our services not only help you in managing and maintaining your IT assets. More importantly, we work with you to exploit them optimally and maximising business profits through productive utilisation of each and every available IT asset. We make sure your data is secure and robust measures are in place to recover data in case of any eventuality or accident. Taking as step further we also design solutions so your business continues operating under all circumstances.

Voice & Unified Communication

Unified communications is the backbone of any business operations. In a digitally connected world, business operations are no longer confined to a desk, phone or workstation. Not only businesses are required to reach out to their customers, to server them better even the internal team needs to be able to communicate organically without impediments.

There has been an influx of fantastic communication tools, designed for almost every touchpoint in the average businesses. We not only help you in connecting the digital workforce, using various communication tools. We go a step further and help your digital workforce to collaborate seamlessly in assisting your customers.
  • Messaging
  • Voice and video calling
  • Team collaboration
  • Video Conferencing
  • File sharing
  • Social


IT Assets have been growing exponentially in modern businesses. However, with advent of cloud and shadow IT not all business are able to track their spend and usage of IT assets within the business. The costs and risks associated with underutilised and non-compliant IT assets is significant for any business. We help you manage your IT assets better, by rationalising then and keeping them complaint.
  • Microsoft
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Hardware OEM’s
  • Network and Network OEM’s


Procurement of IT related, tools, expertise and skills are a specialised job. Ever changing technology spectrum, makes it an extremely challenging job. Timely procurement of appropriate, affordable and complimentary IT resources is essential to further business profitability. We offer our services in procuring the necessary IT tools, expertise and skills for your business. Not only we take away the complexity of finding your way through the maze of infinite options. More importantly we help your business in reducing the risk of making the wrong choices or delays in acquiring necessary assets.


Digitalisation is at the core of our service portfolio. We can manage the complete digital lifecycle for your business. Our digital services help you lowering operating cost, improve productivity and become proactive. Our digital service help you reach and explore new market segments through social and digital marketing. Our digital services help create new customer acquisition channels, improves working conditions and employee retention. It also improves decision-making through greater visibility of business information.
  • Intranet
  • Websites
  • Animation and videos
  • Social and digital marketing
  • Mobile and app development

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